What is Aglime?

  • Aglime is made from naturally occurring Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3)

What does Aglime do?

  • Aglime neutralises soil acidity to maintain a proper soil Ph range
  • Provides the element Calcium essential to maintain plant cell functions
  • Stimulates micro bacterial activity in the soil to aid plant nutrient availability
  • Stimulates root growth the help minimise soil erosion
  • Reduces the effects of manganese and aluminium toxicity in plants
  • Improves soil structures and textures permitting extensive cropping
  • Liberates essential trace elements such as Molybdenum

Why use Kurdeez Hi Cal Aglime?

  • Neutralise soil acidity caused by frequent application of ammonia and nitrogen-based fertilisers
  • Promote efficient conservation of essential nutrients by soil bacteria
  • Restore the critical soil balance upset by normal cropping
  • Available all year round

Typical Analysis

CaCO3 content:  98%

Ca:  40%

Neutralising Value:  100%



Bulk Bags

25kg Bags

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