Leaders in lime for over 70 years

Kurdeez Minerals Pty Ltd are a proud and passionate Australian family-owned business and have been in the lime mining industry for over 7 decades.  Running quarries on the east coast of Australia, we bring a wealth of experience, meaning better products, service and value to you.

Quality Lime Products

Kurdeez Minerals Pty Ltd produces a range of natural organic products for soil improvement in agriculture, horticulture and viticulture, as well as products for use in some manufacturing applications.
Kurdeez products and services are widely used in crop, dairy, stock and biological farming for better pasture and animal health, as well as to improve soil pH, to treat acid and clay soil, improve fertilizer efficiency, remedy calcium deficiencies, as well as improve soil nutrients in applications such as golf courses, turf, lawns, gardening and stock feed applications.